Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How far will we go? As our minds process information every day and every day we live day by day.
We only know what is around us and what effects our lives personally. We see what is reported and question the truth of each report. We live in a world where fact and fiction blend together to form illusion. We love, we laugh, we suffer, and we cry. We hate, we envy, we hurt, and we die. We can be brutally cruel and love unconditionally in the same day. We can face the impossible and overcome the most extreme conditions. We can achieve wealth way beyond our understanding but cannot feed every person alive. We can create unthinkable advancements in technology and turn what we once thought impossible into a simple and common way of life but we can't create a way to heal the human body. We are limitless yet limited. We are focused yet clueless. Why do we run in circles and how far will we go? In this uncertain world that we have made there is only one stable and certain entity, He is greater than us and we do not deserve Him. Without Him we can have as much as we can handle and still be lost. But with Him, we can have nothing at all and be at perfect peace in a world that has lost it's way... Give me a soul that never ceases to believe despite the infection within....DD

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